Why Emerging Leaders

Increased Accountability

Success in business requires that we be flexible, adaptable and open to the inevitable challenges of providing a service to the general public. To be well prepared for this, it is not enough for just the 'leadership team' to be skilled in accountability. It takes a ‘culture’ of accountability across the entire team - ultimately because you or your manager won’t always be there to be able to assist in every decision your team makes.

Increased Engagement

Your team is your biggest asset and a strong culture is your greatest competitive advantage. Your ‘best’ will be the first to leave if they sense a lack of commitment to making the workplace an engaging and positive place to be. Making sure that each member of your team is clear on your expectations of them, has clearly defined roles and has clarity around their goals and how these contribute to the greater good of the business are just 3 ways in which leadership training across your team will drive engagement


Increased Retention

The cost of ‘presenteeism’ (mentally ‘checked out’), performance management, re-hiring and ramping up both technically and culturally is up to 4 times a team member’s salary. Retention of your most valuable people is critical and investing in them by way of personal leadership afforded by Emerging Leaders is integral to your retention strategy.

About Emerging Leaders

You know the goal, you want a dream team. You know it doesn’t happen overnight and you want desperately to impart your leadership knowledge onto your team but your time is limited, your skills are new and you have work to get done to make sure you keep your business profitable.

Emerging Leaders is for all team members to learn, practice and embrace Lincoln’s leadership principles in order to make every person accountable for their contribution to the success of your team.

Central to our thinking at Lincoln is that leadership needs to be exercised at all levels. We believe that we must move away from heroic constructs of individual leaders and place 'leadership' rather than leaders at the forefront of organisational development.

Leadership, no matter how small your business is the key to the successful prosecution of your strategy.

Participating in the program as a team helps to create a shared language that enhances the benefits both individually and organisationally by promoting ongoing peer to peer support.

The Emerging Leaders Program is perfectly designed to provide your organisation with group leadership training ideal for rewarding and developing valued employees.

Enjoy exploring the website and feel free to ask us any questions.

Emerging Leaders Training Modules

What our students say

“I cannot imagine a veterinary team exists that would not benefit from this program”

“I couldn't even begin to deliver content of this quality to my team and so cost effectively!”

“They are not speaking a foreign language. What they teach resonates and then is transformed into practical tools and skills”

“When we heard that they were developing a program designed to bring leadership skills to every member of our team we new instantly that this would be the program that we had been seeking for years”

“Everyone was well engaged”

“It made me a little uncomfortable, it’s hard looking at yourself...but I can see the benefits” to treat me in Q4”


Lead to Succeed program

Lead to Succeed program

Lead to Succeed program

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